The Children`s Law Center helps Voices for Children train CASA volunteers to become education advocates for abused and neglected children. They have helped CASAs advocate on behalf of youth in the courts who experience academic pressure. Thanks to them, the children we serve have a better chance of getting the education they deserve. The Youth Law Centre is dedicated to the protection of abused and neglected children, the education of adolescents and the promotion of national policies that have a positive impact on children. Funds invested in LCYC support direct advocacy, community partnerships and systemic advocacy to improve the well-being of young people and promote their legal rights. We promise the children, youth and families we serve that we will listen to them, be reliable, and work tirelessly for their future of safety, stability, connection and opportunity. Justice for children lies in parental love. When children are not with the family, there must be a sense of urgency to ensure they receive the love, care and support that every child needs and deserves. Fight with us for justice for children and youth in foster care and juvenile courts. Judge approves regulation to set standards for the care of young inmates in emergency room centres If you have a legal question about a child`s legal rights, please contact us via our toll-free legal helpline at: 1-800-728-1172 The Youth Law Center`s Board of Directors includes a talented and dedicated group of lawyers and advocates from California and across the country.

We advocate on behalf of young people in a number of areas that affect their lives. Learn more about our work, our team and how we – and you – can make a difference. With support from the NextFifty initiative and in partnership with community leaders, Co50 clinics are held monthly to help families in Pueblo and Huerfano counties understand their legal needs and receive support for their families. The Children`s Law Center specializes in meeting the comprehensive needs of non-parent caregivers and children at home. Co50 clinics offer this support to caregivers through legal information and resources designed specifically for them! The Youth Law Center is committed to sharing resources, information, and advocacy tools that can improve quality of life and opportunities for foster youth and juvenile justice. Our goal is to strengthen the field through knowledge and increase the impact of those working on change for our children and youth. Our youth advocates create change through advocacy, media relations and public education. Their expertise and lived experience are crucial for political reforms. More than 430,000 adolescents are placed in foster care and about 20,000 young adults are “aging” without lasting family ties.

They deserve better from the institutions they are supposed to support. We advocate for children and youth in Colorado courtrooms and classrooms so that youth have what they need to thrive despite previous experiences of trauma or instability. When our daughter died, leaving three children behind, the Children`s Law Center came to our aid. They provided endless support, advice and legal expertise. Gloria has been our lifeline and we are eternally grateful. Caregivers over 50 (Co50) clinics are a tool to empower seniors caring for children and youth to get the legal information and resources their families need! Today, your support helps us respond quickly and effectively whenever young people need advocates. We help young people understand and assess legal issues, options, possible consequences and opportunities before they determine the way forward. We help keep youth safe, connected and accommodated. We meet young people where they are – geographically, developmentally, emotionally, culturally and linguistically. We work with youth, family members, educators, service providers and other community partners to ensure that the legal and non-legal needs of youth are met.

If you share our values and are excited to join a team of advocates dedicated to system change in an organization that uses traditional and innovative advocacy strategies based on the real and changing needs of children and youth involved in the system, we`d love to talk to you. Founded in response to community needs and service gaps, LCYC has evolved and expanded access to justice for youth in Washington. We provide direct legal services to hundreds of youth and young adults each year to improve legal literacy and expand access to justice. A personal reflection by Anna Pickett, articling student, on the intersection of justice for persons with disabilities and youth access to justice. Our four focal points are: Child Protection, Juvenile Court, Youth and Families with an Immigrant Background, and Youth Homelessness. The Youth Law Center has led advocacy efforts to end harmful and destructive practices, such as detaining children in adult institutions, isolating children for long periods of time, tying up and imprisoning children for disobedience or running away. YLC`s multi-systemic approach addressed issues common to juvenile justice, the best interests of the child and mental health systems, breaking down silos and tailoring services to each child. KNOWLEDGE of law, research and facts in the field. Read an open letter to the Governor of California calling for an end to his continued support for probation approaches rather than community and health care solutions in pursuit of his stated and much-celebrated goal of “… Juvenile justice as we know it. We envision a world where system interventions and approaches prioritize humanity and the needs of children.